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“…the basic attribute of mankind is to look after each other.”

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Liberty Support Coordination

Liberty Support Coordination started with the belief that every single one of us is resilient and that our resilience can be fostered with the help and support of a community. 

At Liberty Support Coordination, we roll out the red carpet by offering assistance to access the support and services available to suit your needs via the Support Coordination funding within your NDIS plan. With a passion for helping you to achieve your goals whilst assisting in building your capacity, we encourage your independence with the utmost respect for your privacy and decision-making. 

If you have plan-managed or self-managed Support Coordination in your plan, Liberty Support Coordination would like to invite you to find out more information in the hope that we may work alongside you in your NDIS journey.

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Liberty Support Coordination

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Level 2 Support Services

Specialist Support Coordination

At Liberty Support Coordination we focus on providing you with the assistance you require to accommodate your needs. Our approach is personable and one of kindness, empathy and respect. Our primary goal is to establish a genuine rapport so that we can best support you with your NDIS plan. As coordinators of support and services, we come to you with the following knowledge and experience:

  • Level 2 Support Coordination
  • Specialist Support Coordination
  • Industry experience in NDIS Plan Management, Comm
  • Disability and Mental Health
  • Tertiary Qualifications in Disability and Mental Health