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When you embark on the journey of finding quality care for your loved one at home, it’s not just about ticking off a checklist – it’s about tailoring every aspect to cater to their unique needs. At Liberty Support Coordination, we understand that individuals with disabilities are not a homogenous group; they’re unique, each with their own set of requirements.

Here at Liberty Support Coordination, we’re committed to providing a level of care that goes beyond the ordinary. We take pride in crafting personalised services that resonate with the distinctive essence of each individual under our care. Our approach isn’t about fitting everyone into a generic mould. It’s about recognising and celebrating the uniqueness of each person.

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Planning & Implementation

Understanding Your NDIS Plan

  • Providing comprehensive information on your NDIS plan, including goals and funded supports.
  • Clarifying categories and how they align with your individual needs and aspirations.

Personalised Care and Support Plans

  • Developing personalised care and support plans that cater to your individuality and specific needs.
  • Aligning plans with NDIS goals and categories to optimise effectiveness.

Budgeting and Funding Alignment

  • Creating a detailed breakdown of funding that aligns with your identified supports.
  • Ensuring transparency and effective allocation of resources to meet your goals.

Information & Support

Providing Information and Resources

  • Offering relevant information and resources tailored to suit your specific requirements.
  • Ensuring access to appropriate support networks and services based on your unique situation.

Effective Liaison

  • Collaborating with NDIS, Local Area Coordinators (LAC), Early Years Coordinators (EYC) and allied health.
  • Engaging with informal and formal supports, plan managers and community service providers.

Linking and Referring

  • Facilitating connections to allied health professionals, support providers and community service providers.
  • Ensuring seamless transitions and ongoing support through effective referrals.
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Reporting & Communication

Thorough Reporting

  • Completing post-implementation, mid-year and end-of-year reporting for submission to the NDIS.
  • Maintaining accurate records to demonstrate progress and outcomes.

Participation in Carer's Meetings

  • Participating in carer’s meetings with a multidisciplinary team for quarterly reviews.
  • Collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure coordinated and holistic care.

Plan Review and Re-assessment

  • Supporting you through the NDIS plan review process.
  • Assisting with re-assessment and adjustments based on changes in your situation or needs.